We embrace the difference and empower all people to build a better future.


Many people talk about diversity. But only a few people know how to benefit from it. Shades & contrast implements diversity as a key driver for new ideas during product development. We don't just talk about diversity.


Lead with Equality & Inclusion

Did you know that leaders tend to support harmony in their teams? That's nice, right? Except you thrive for innovation. In that case, harmony is the last thing you should desire. What you need is diversity in opinions and the ability to discuss openly provocative ideas.

By this, you will not only generate valueable products but also create the atmosphere for bigger innovations.

Start being the leader who creates an environment where everybody can speak up to disrupt markets and build a better future.
How we support you:
  • Inclusive Leadership Training
  • Keynotes & Trainings about Diversity & Inclusion

Create Value for Everyone

Don't just build products - create value for everyone

Did you know that 15% of the world population is having a disability? Or that 10% of the Germans are only buying vegetarian products? Why are they still labeled as minorities?

With this underestimation you will automatically miss relevant market share. What you need is a clear understanding of all your potential customers to build value for everyone.

Start building products which adresses the needs of more than the average customer and build a better future for everyone.
How we support you:
  • Persona workshops to extend customer groups
  • Jobs to be done sessions to find underserved needs
  • Designing & prototyping ideas
  • User Testing to reach product-market-fit
  • Fast Track: Design Sprint - analyse, prototype & test in 5 days

Empower Future Talents

Don't just hire by CV - empower future talents

How was your success in a digital career possible?
Have you studied something special for it?
Or did someone believe in you and gave you a chance?

Only hiring by CV means that you will miss great innovation potential.
What you need is a diverse team with the right mindset.

Start investing in different talents and empower them for our future.
How we support you:
  • Hiring support for open positions
  • 1:1 Mentoring in digital roles like Product Owner
  • Trainings in product & innovation management

Making the difference.

The people behind Shades & Contrast know exactly what it takes to create valueable products.

User-centricity is the secret behind success and innovation. Our world is different and diverse, so are the users. Therefore, Shades & Contrast is on the mission to increase diversity during product creation.

For making a difference with value for everyone.

Zamina Ahmad
Founder & CEO





Let's set the power of diversity free!

Our Methods & Tools



Develop innovative products that matter by solving real user problems

Jobs to

Be Done

Discover underlying goals and tasks of your users and improve current solutions


Understand your target customer by characteristics like demography, goals and challenges



Fast-forward critical business questions and prototype a future product in 5 days



Validate your product early by collecting real customer feedback

Business Model


Discover hidden potentials and risks of new business models

Value Proposition


Define the value you create and achieve product-market-fit



Attract customers with a first version of your product and improve it continuously


We are able to run fully remote Workshops and promise that it will be even fun


Depending on the complexity we decide together with you if we run a face-to-face workshop


To make collaborative work possible we preferably use MIRO as tool


We’re always on the lookout for creative talents and collaborations with new clients. Are you one of those? Let’s connect.

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